New manual template rendering in phx 1.7

Hi, phoenix version used: 1.7.7. Before, in 1.6 I used to manually render template (let’s say from index.html.heex in heex with render/2

<%= render("test.html", assigns) %>

assuming that test.html.heex in is the same directory where the index.html is. If not the case, I could use Views

    <%= render MyAppWeb.PageView, "modals.html", assigns %>

However, in Phoenix 1.7 render/2 (/3) are not presented. From what I understand, render/4 is also not presented in 1.7.7
As I understand,

embed_templates "hello_html/*"

is now the new function, but how do I specify where exactly the template will render? There is docs, I know, maybe my question is answered there, but I am asking because I can’t really find it.

Views have been “replaced” with (function) components:

embed_templates as a macro will compile templates into those.