New Membrane website has just launched!

Hey everyone!
The Membrane Framework has a new website! It contains tutorials, blog posts, and other resources you’ll find handy while using our framework. You can check out the website here:


Layout doesn’t work too well for me


Congrats! Looks great. Just a small bit of feedback, I accidentally visited (trying to hand type it from the last comment) and got a 500. Seems that any non-existing route under the /learn scope returns 500. Other non-existing routes return 404.


@msimonborg @jamesmintram Thanks for the feedback - we’re working on fixing these issues now.


The website looks great. Attractive and informational; a fine balance.

One question raised though during my browsing session when I read:

Membrane is available as open-source code because it’s work in progress

It seems to imply that there will be a time that Membrame is not open sourced anymore. So I wonder if this indeed implies what I think it does or that it should be rewritten to avoid confusion.


Membrane is open source and will always be :wink: Thanks to that we don’t build it only by ourselves, but with the great community alongside. This also allows us at Software Mansion to share our expertise and build products based on reliable, open software. We’re not going to get rid of these profits.

I think we’re going to put something like this in that paragraph instead. Thanks for the catch :wink:


Just want to make sure you also test “ultrawide” type configurations. I have a 21:9 monitor and I see this:

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It downloads a 6.67 MB (4.99 MB transferred) svg file.

@Will-W @sfusato Thanks for the input - we’ll be looking into these things.