New multi-package search deployed on

Hey folks! In order to give the new AshSqlite a trial run and make sure its got some real usage, AshHq’s multi-package search has been re-implemented. The data is stored in sqlite using’s litefs, and the search is implemented using an elixir-native in-memory search tool called haystack.

The new search is simpler and should also produce more consistent results in general. Try it at out and let me know how it goes!


I’m not getting any search results for some reason. :sweat_smile:

(latest Chrome, adblock disabled, etc)

Hmm…it’s working for me :laughing:

I cleared the site cache, hard reloaded, restarted Chrome, and now it works. Excellent work! :smile:

:laughing: weird, I’ll keep an eye out for any issues like that in the future. Thanks for trying it out!

Nice, I was just looking at sqlite and haystack for website use case to avoid needing a postgres instance.

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