New podcast Smart Software with SmartLogic


Hey everyone, we’re starting a new podcast called Smart Software with SmartLogic. This will be a season based show, and our first season is centered around Elixir in Production.

We’ve interviewed a few developers from companies with Elixir in production, to try and survey the landscape of what’s out there. Some of which include Mark Ericksen from the Elixir Mix podcast and Frank Hunleth from Nerves.

Our trailer episode is up now, and the first full episodes come out this Thursday.


The first two episodes are posted! We talk about how SmartLogic does deployment in the first episode and Ryan Billingsley from ClusterTruck in the second.

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LoneStar episode with José, Chris, Paul Schoenfelder, Chris Keathley, Amos King, Jim Freeze, Susumu Yamazaki, Brian Cardarella and Osa Gaius :023:


Our Season 1 recap episode is out today. You can also catch up on the other episodes in season 1.

Be on the look out for season 2!

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