New to Programming in general. How to learn elixir as a beginner to Computer science?

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From the title, I am entirely new to programming and i am interested in learning elixir but not sure where to start. Can someone provide a basic roadmap and prerequisites to be completed before starting elixir programming. Please help me with this

Have you tried the official introduction?


I would add to the introduction:

That page links to:

Which has a basic structure which guides you through learning the language.

While all of these resources are useful and targeted at beginners in Elixir, I would suggest the hard part of this will be learning rudimentary concepts which aren’t specific to the language. Many of these introductory resources presume at least an elementary knowledge of computer programming as prerequisite. For example, the Elixir School’s second chapter goes into Collections in Elixir… but if don’t already have a sense of what a Collection is in programming generally, then it will be a little more difficult (though not impossible) to digest.


I found Elixir on Exercism really useful for learning through practice :slight_smile:
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no sir, Im on it. Thanks

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Along with the other excellent examples posted here, I can add the following - whilst this book does expect some knowledge of software development concepts, when I first started (Elixir was my first language when stepping into this amazing world of dev) I found it really helpful: Learn Functional Programming with Elixir: New Foundations for a New World by Ulisses Almeida

I admire you asking this question; power to you.

I wouldn’t recommend my journey but I started with Excel, tried some coding but was overwhelmed. I moved over to a visual framework — aka no-code, — where I spent years learning the concepts of programming without having to learn the syntax. Eventually I got into JavaScript and — after a few months — I saw the light of Elixir.

As already mentioned: read the friendly manual (why?). I’ve never seen such great documentation.

2 courses I would recommend:

  • @PJUllrich ’s course: helped me go end-to-end very quickly and get something live.
  • Jacob Luetzow’s course has been great at teaching me the fundamentals. The community and his YouTube channel have been immensely helpful, too.

Ah, another tip: have a brother who knows a thing or two about it, :saluting_face: @tubedude


There’s a free book for prople new to programming in general: