New user profile fields, titles (and groups) for core developers of popular libraries

As some of you may have noticed, we have begun introducing user titles on the forum. Currently we have added titles for:

We want to expand this to core developers of other popular/important libraries too (such as for the Nerves Project, Elixir version managers, etc) and we may also go further - to anyone where it may be useful for forum members to quickly spot who they are while browsing a thread (this will usually be the case when lots of threads are posted about that particular library/tool). If you have any suggestions on who/which libraries we should consider adding please say.

Related to this we have added a new field in your profiles that asks if you are a core developer of any libraries - if you are, please fill this in as it will help us determine how to proceed with these titles.

We have also added a field that asks which Elixir books you have got or have read - we think this helps when answering questions as it provides a glimpse of what the user may/may not know.