New VS Code dark theme: Yarra Valley

In the wake of @axelson’s poll, and in honor of everyone working hard on ElixirLS syntax, I’ve released a new Elixir-friendly dark theme for VS Code. It’s called Yarra Valley.


Bravo Sir! I really like this theme, my new default :slight_smile:

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@Dusty Do you have any plans to style the terminal? Not sure if it is on my end or not, the font color is white on light blue/light orange.

Update: The terminal color issue is only on OSX, my primary desktop runs Manjaro and its very nice indeed.

I am on macOS, and as far as I know I’ve themed every bit of the terminal. If you are on latest version of VS Code and latest extension version, the only thing I can think of would be leftover overrides written to settings.json by a prior theme. That happens, for example, when you select an accent color in the Material theme.

Turns out it was my zsh theme, switched it and all is well :slight_smile: