Next Elixir Conf?

Did they announce where next years conference will be?

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EU: Warsaw
US: Back in Bellevue.


Yay. That’ll be ~2 hours car ride from where I live, awesome.

I suppose, next year I might have to take that 12-hour train ride :dizzy_face:

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Bellevue again? Thought they were going to keep moving it around.

That’s disappointing. I was really hoping to go next year.

Yeah I won’t be able to either then…

Austin is the closest I’d ‘might’ be able to do, though Amarillo/Lubbock/Albuquerque would be almost certain for me to be able to go. ^.^;

The venue was quite nice but ugh, Bellevue is such a strip mall. A shame to have all of Seattle so close, yet so far. I can see why they chose the spot, though. It’s dead center of Seattle’s suburban tech ecosystem.

I ended up taking the weekend to do some looking around and hang out with old buddies from when I used to live there, so no real complaints.

Great! Count me in.

Warsaw is a beautiful city if anyone is considering it :023:

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And if I can piggyback on that – dates? That’s my biggest issue…