Nicd's Random Notes

So I have a blog and I sometimes post random notes on it, usually not interesting to this forum. But this time I posted about Elixir configuration because it seems to be a common topic and common question:

So let me know if you think anything should be reworded. I aimed for a simplified explanation that would make sense for new users. Also if there are links that I should add to the “Other resources” section, please tell. It’s better if we can link these learning resources together.

PS.: That blog is running on Elixir.


I have updated the post now that 1.11 was released to mention the new config/runtime.exs and reword some parts:

Still eager to hear any feedback.


I wrote a new post about how I use config/runtime.exs to configure my projects: Simple Configuration Setup for Elixir Projects (v1.11+) – Random Notes


  • config/config.exs for compile time configuration (mostly)
  • config/runtime.exs for all other configuration
  • .env file for handy configuration value tweaking in development
  • A config helpers module to cast environment variables to the correct datatypes