Nice restarting a Gigalixir app

I have a working mix app which is running on Gigalixir. That app is just a phoenix webapp which provides a RESTful API to my real app which is used in the webapp as a git dependency. I have updated my dependency-app on git and ran mix deps.update <appname> on the gigalixir CLI.

I’m not facing an issue that I don’t know how to restart my app to use the latest version. I know I could make a commit and then push it to Gigalixir, but that’s too much of a hassle to do for every restart I want to do.

Is there a nice/pretty way of restarting or recompiling a whole deployed Gigalixir app? Heroku has it nice with the restarting dyno button or using the git branch deploy.

gigalixir ps:restart

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Oh awesome, thanks!

I swear to God, running gigalixir | grep restart didn’t give me anything when I tried. Probably because it was 4am ahaha

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