Nimble_publisher to GitHub pages - anyone done this and care to share?

I’m heading down the path of using nimble_publisher to publish to Github Pages using github’s deploy-action to generate and upload artifacts.

Anyone walked this path before and has any suggestions, scripts or experience to share?

I’m heading this way for simplicity - simple design, static site, hosting along side the code repo.


I was googling on how other things work with gh-pages.

Here are a few things I understand.

  1. build step and upload to ./dist folder in the repo
    ant-design/docs/blog/ at a355f0947292c542f7c4f993d0bec821b8bfa0a4 · afc163/ant-design · GitHub

  2. then use ant-design/docs/blog/ at a355f0947292c542f7c4f993d0bec821b8bfa0a4 · afc163/ant-design · GitHub to publish to github pages.

I believe steps should be similar. Haven’t tried this one though. Maybe during upcoming week, I will!

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I would like to break the task in two parts:

  1. Generate a static website: has an article related to this topic - Crafting your own Static Site Generator using Phoenix · Fly , it introduces how to generate a static site using nimble_publisher.

  2. Then, deploy the static website to GitHub Pages. There’re a bunch of articles related to this, such as:

    Although these articles are for Hugo, but they works for any static sites.


I came here to post exactly this, having evaluated this stack recently. Found the same resources and whipped together a prototype very quickly before deciding on another course, but it works great!

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I used GitHub Actions to publish the docs of my Elixir project to GitHub Pages (using the current beta deployment target instead of a separate repo). You can check out the action here:

Good luck.


Thanks all very much for the suggestions. And a special shoutout to @zorn, I’ll be giving the recipes a workout on a long flight later this week.

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