No SSH to Elixir Circuits Quickstart on Raspberry Pi 4

Is it possible to use a Raspberry Pi 4 with Circuits Quickstart? I have burned the firmware to two different cards; one using fwup; the other with Raspberry Pi Imager. I have tried every USB port on the Raspberry Pi. I have tried three different USB to USB-C cables. I have tried using the ethernet port with two different Ethernet to USB-C adapters.

When I type ssh circuits@nerves.local the terminal waits indefinitely until I command-c.

Any hints to get this to work?

Pi4 can do gadget-mode on the power-USB port, so you need a device that can power the pi over one of its USB ports, but it has to be configured correctly and it seems like nerves does not do that for the pi4-system:

You can connect to an RPi0, RPi3A, and BBB with just a USB cable.

(see: nerves/Getting at main · nerves-project/nerves · GitHub)

Thank you! A USB-C to USB-C cable from the MBP to the RPi 4 power port worked.