Node-red and nerves

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At the moment I’m trying to port a node-red project to nerves. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel and reimplement the whole logic in elixir. But I love the idea of fault tolerant systems and A/B partitioning. Is there a way to run node-red along with nerves?

You could make blocks in node-red that connected to the Nerves VM via ports, which would give you at least some integration between the two.

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@n0gg1n If you are adventurous you could check out the elixir node-red clone I’m working on (
Currently the best way to deploy it is under docker but I’m almost done with a nerves firmware version.
The adventurous part is that it’s not production ready and it only has a limited set of nodes.
You’d probably have to write some of the nodes you need (in elixir of course) but it’s fairly easy and there’s quite a bit of support in it to create new nodes.


@zsolt001 looking really interesting. I definitely will look into it :slight_smile:

Update: managed to get Exred running on Nerves.
Getting started guide / documentation is here: (see Nerves section on the page and the rest of the Nerves related documentation in the sidebar)