Non-Basic Elixir Katas?

I am looking for smallish problems to solve, using Elixir concepts beyond the basic syntax and concepts of Elixir as a language, such as OTP, behaviors, protocols, ETS, macros, etc. etc. etc. I think I have a good handle on Elixir basics, like how to use it to solve the same kind of problems I could solve with pretty much any other language, but have barely touched these other things.

Essentially I’m looking for an “advanced Elixir” kata site (whether fully devoted to that, or just part of a kata site or Elixir site or whatever), ideally with feedback mechanisms like Exercism used to have, or mentoring like it has now. Or at least a list of such katas. All the kata sites I’ve seen (such as,, etc.) have problems that are much too simple, and can be solved with rather straightforward basic Elixir – I’ve done most of Exercism’s Elixir track.

Any recommendations? (For sites/lists, or at least individual katas especially if you’re willing to give me feedback on my solution!)



This is a great set of challenges to learn the distributed side of things:


This is not Elixir specific but Emily Bache has a ton of real world katas to train refactoring. All of them in common languages, but there is nothing stopping to do them in Elixir, maybe you can grab from a language that you know and rewrite in Elixir, then start refactoring, applying language constructs and so on :slight_smile:


Those look interesting! Thanks! I’ll take a whack at them soon(ish) and let everybody know when I’ve got some solutions posted on Github or my blog or something, for critiquing.

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