NoSQL vs OldSql

Is there any fundamental difference between storing text to search through in a Postgres table versus doing it with NoSQL?

I suppose NoSQL DBs give you a few bells and whistles which are nice to have, eh?

If you need to search through the text e.g. substring search then I would select a datastore or a datalake specific to this requirement.

PSQL for example has nice text indexing features - e.g. “Gin” index

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Keeping the search DB in sync with the transactional DB can end up adding a lot of complexity to the system as a whole.

I’d stick to a pure Postgres solution until you hit performance issues or the Postgres full text search features can’t provide the user experience you’re looking for.


And that might as well never happen, Postgres might be able to take you far enough :slight_smile:


great pt - did not think about that…

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