Not getting expected editor experience using Ash (no autocomplete)

I’ve just seen @zachdaniel 's editor experience using Ash here: figure out nextension api · Issue #57 · elixir-tools/next-ls · GitHub

Based on the documentation on the website the only thing you need to get that exprience is to have ElixirLS installed. I use VSCode and have the ElixirLS extension installed, but I don’t the get the same experience, and I’m not sure why?

ElixirLS extension is generally working fine, but I don’t get all the autocomplete suggestions for Ash.

Here is a short video of my editor exprience trying something similar to what Zach is showing in his editor:

The most recent version of ElixirLS is not working with our extension unfortunately. I’m investigating it and hope to have a solution soon. For more information, you can track this issue: Spark plugin is not being called as of `0.21` · Issue #1091 · elixir-lsp/elixir-ls · GitHub and this issue: Plugin doesn’t work with latest elixir-ls · Issue #94 · ash-project/spark · GitHub