Not possible to specify operationName using `push_doc`


I’m trying to test a scenario in which a client sends a GraphQL document that defines multiple subscription operations. It seems Absinthe Phoenix’s push_doc function doesn’t support adding an operationName: Absinthe.Phoenix.SubscriptionTest.push_doc — absinthe_phoenix v2.0.2

Shouldn’t this function look something like this?

@spec push_doc(Phoenix.Socket.t(), String.t(), opts) :: reference()
  def push_doc(socket, query, opts \\ []) do
    Phoenix.ChannelTest.push(socket, "doc", %{
      "query" => query,
      "variables" => opts[:variables] || %{},
      "operationName" => opts[:operation_name] || nil

I tried modifying it and recompiling the dep, but am still getting an error saying that no valid operationName was specified. My call site looks like this:

ref = push_doc(socket, @graphql_document, [variables: variables, operation_name: "MyOperation"])