Npm not seeing packages

I’m creating a project based on phoenix on backend and Vue.js on frontend. Backend part works just fine but i’m having troubles with setting up a frontend.

I’ve done a lot of Vue.js projects before and never had such issue so i’m thinking if that’s maybe an issue related to phoenix/brunch settings.

Anyway, my setup is having a bad time finding a package which is available in node_modules dir, the error says:

Uncaught Error: Cannot find module 'babel-runtime/helpers/taggedTemplateLiteral' from 'js/App.vue'

while babel-runtime/helpers/taggedTemplateLiteral is definitely in node_modules. It’s hard for me to send anything that might be handy in here so please just ask if i can send you some more code samples and setup. I can also eventualy publish my project in it’s current state to github.

Thanks in advance!

It would be nice to know which bundler you’re using and with which config.

Ok, i decided to publish the code to make things easier. It’s here:

What have you used for asset management before?

The fact that Phoenix by default installs with Brunch doesn’t mean it’s joined at the hip with it. For example the Static Assets Guide has a “Using Another Asset Management System in Phoenix” section that shows an example with Webpack 1. (See also How to plug in webpack 2.0 into phoenix 1.3.0-rc and

So rather than getting up to speed with Brunch, it may make more sense to integrate the asset management system you are already using (my personal impression is that Vue.js is rather webpack-philic and that Brunch may not keep up with the developments that Vue.js needs (e.g. vue-brunch is no longer being actively maintained) - Brunch works well enough for an EEx centric web application that uses modular JavaScript (e.g. for progressive enhancement) using npm as a package manager).

Yeah, i was mostly using webpack for vue.js development.

Anyway, i’ve been trying to follow this tutorial ( to use vue with brunch but if that’s not possible for some reason - that’s fine by me. I’m gonna try to use the example repo you posted, thanks!