Oban cronjobs not running after moving from Windows to Linux

After moving the application from windows to linux no cronjobs are executed at all.
I’m lost a bit. Is there anything to take care of in case the node changed?

Any help/advice is very much appreciated.
Where can I look at to solve/locate this problem?

Happily going to provide more information if needed

config :backend, Oban,
  repo: Backend.Repo,
  queues: [default: 10, compile_events: [limit: 10], update_events: [limit: 10]],
  plugins: [
     crontab: [
       {"1 0 * * *", Backend.Tasks.Midnight, args: %{custom: "arg"}},
       {"1 0 * * 1", Backend.Tasks.MidnightWeekly, args: %{custom: "arg"}},

Reason for this behavior was a second trigger attached to the oban_jobs table by my application.

The script for this trigger expected the table to have an ID which the oban_jobs table doesn’t have. After removing the trigger and rewriting the custom trigger logic everything is working as expected

2023-02-19 13_20_40-pgAdmin 4

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