Oban perform_at or perform_in semantics like in Sidekiq

I have a RoR app using Sidekiq which schedules many one time jobs to run on a dynamically computed time i future using perform_in or perform_at API of Sidekiq

How do you accomplish the same using Oban? Looking at Oban scheduled job docs it seems the perform time is a compile (static) configuration.

So can Oban be used for my use case or do I have to use another job scheduling library?

@onkara Oban can definitely do dynamicly scheduled times. I think you are missunderstanding the example. The example uses a module attribute only because in the example the time happens to be constant, you can supply a variable time if you choose:

   offset = compute_any_way_you_want(args)
    |> new(schedule_in: offset)
    |> Oban.insert!()