Oban Periodic (CRON) Job multi node question


I have been using quantum for cron kind of jobs in a project, and when 2 instances of this project were running the jobs were running 2 which is not surprising. I know this could be solved(highlander etc.) but I have been eyeing with Oban for a while.

This is a quote from their readme:

Periodic (CRON) Jobs — Automatically enqueue jobs on a cron-like schedule. Duplicate jobs are never enqueued, no matter how many nodes you’re running.

Does this mean that if I have 2 instances of the same project running while connected to 1 database I would not see these jobs duplicated anymore without doing any additional work(other than setting up Oban and migrating the jobs)?

Thank you

Yes. That’s exactly what it means :slightly_smiling_face: