Oban - Scheduled Worker not executing - state available

I have recently upgraded Oban from 2.0 → 2.16 - After the upgrade I’m getting an interesting interaction when running my scheduled job. After the scheduled_at time has elapsed the job does not execute, instead it it moves the oban_job_state to available and no attempt at running the job is made.

Was there a change that I’m not aware of for 2.16 that doesn’t fire the job at the scheduled at time? Or is there a function that must be called now that executes the available jobs?

MyApp.Workers.ActivateSeason.new(%{id: id}, schedule_in: 5) |> Oban.insert!()

This is an example, when 5 seconds pass, the job does not execute it only moves the state to available, how do I execute the job?

Scheduled jobs have always moved to available before execution. There aren’t any changes to that flow in v2.16. Is there a chance that the queue isn’t running?


Ah yes. Thanks. During development of the update I removed the queue from the list in the config file. Of course it needs to be there to work! :slight_smile: Thanks for the help