Occasional Websocket Timeout in Phoenix Liveview

I am having an issue in development, not sure if this will be a prod issue or not as we haven’t yet deployed. The issue is that I’ll be working on a liveview page, I’ll modify some code, the page will reload and then sometimes the websocket connection will timeout. I can see this in the browser and I don’t see anything in the server logs. I am never able to establish a websocket connection unless I clear cache, kill the browser, and restart the phoenix server. If I open the page in a different browser, it works fine during the other browser issue. I initially thought it might be a bandit issue since I started this project using bandit instead of cowboy. I removed bandit, switched to cowboy I am still encountering this issue. Any ideas on what would cause this and what a potential fix may be?

I just had this issue again, anybody ever experience this and have a solution?