Official Phoenix Website Blog seems broken

Hi everybody,

I just noticed the new design of the Official Phoenix Website
While almost every link are actually linking to the site is almost a single page except that it seems to host at least the blog part:
However, the site seems to be broken (pagination don’t work) and for example following this link (appearing in google serp) displays nothing:

I’m posting here because I know some team members might be around…

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I’m guessing based on the available pages that the intent was actually to link directly to the docs (except for the blog part). The last link is showing truncated content in my browser:

About the pagination, I think the links may not have yet been set properly (or because there’s not enough content to paginate):


Still, it’s a nice refresh to the site! Hadn’t seen some of the content, and in fact think I’ll step through Chris’ LiveView Twitter clone demonstration this morning.

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Thanks for the heads up. The blog links are because there are no other pages to paginate, and the “blank” pages are actually 404’s, but I need to make a real 404 template :slight_smile:


Hi Chris!
First of all, thanks for all the great work!
And happy 1.5 btw! Just noticed the release. So only one RC is great!!

Regarding the links, it does makes sense if it’s dead links… But regarding that very content (about uploads in Phoenix), it appears that at one time there was some contents about it.

I searched on the hexdoc of Phoenix, and nothing appears there too… Does the related guides simply ditched out?

In the meantime I found that Plug.Upload is involved regarding uploads so I’ll start by looking there…

Needless to say but still, congratulations to everyone involved on the website revamp!
About the LiveView demonstration, you are in for a treat my friend. I always have a nice time watching Chris’s joyful presentations.

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