OK, I created a Phoenix application (after reading numerous books), now how do I deploy it?

I believe so, I do not mind paying for ease-of-life services.

But with a good documentation on deploying Elixir/Phoenix releases, it should be very easy to host on a VPS. For example, a release with erts included boils down to a bash script with the start, stop etc. commands, basically.

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And making the VPS secure? That’s not a trivial task.

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Although there are some services that provide non-root VPS, or maybe Docker hosting, Proxied hosting, etc. I agree that it is an important point to consider.

I do not sayt that there is not a place for Render and Gigalixir (which I use) but their service/cost ratio seems very high to me.

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Yes, that’s my thing. And I expect Elixir/OTP to work the best in that kind of environment. And looks like a bare metal approach will be cheaper too.

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Then Distillery (or now ‘mix release’) is what you are looking for: