OMT Technologies is looking for a full time remote backend developer

Introductory paragraph

OMT Tech is an international development company founded on the single principle of developing interesting projects in Elixir. We had a few projects in various techs, grails, angular etc and did a shift where we either dropped the projects or ported everything over to elixir + react/redux.

We don’t really have special domain we work in, we typically own a stake in our projects and only do long term work as a technology and business partner more than just developing stuff for money. Some of our projects include:

  • Organic certification (Extremely simplified: our app lets certifiers build their own (very complex) forms and then their clients use the system to fill out applications.)
  • Health industry project, NDA from here to the moon, but the tech challenges are very interesting and include a lot of realtime shuffling of data and various optimization challenges.
  • Oil and gas industry project. Basically a statistics database that help oil companies make more correct statistical models before they drill their wells.
  • Videoconferencing software (backend, and some frontend). Webrtc, signaling, call analytics
  • Another video conferencing project, hardware with an electron frontend and an api for third parties to make integrations on top of. Think apple TV style apps for b2b usage (we do HIPAA compliance, secure login/identification etc so the clients are translators, govt stuff, remote doctors and so on)
  • Global platform for brokerage and trade of fish. Mainly in the salmon industry. Includes a lot of work on optimization of transport routes and calculations of FX currency stuff (we sell derivatives for finance as a service within the platform)

We have a stake as a company in all of the above except video conf #1. That means our projects are very long term and we give our devs a lot of room to think long term instead of frantically developing against a deadline. Of course we also have crunch time where we sit on needles and try to not cry if the deploy fails 5 minutes before our partner has an important demo, BUT we try to minimize that as much as we can.

About us

My name: Oliver Mulelid-Tynes (the O in OMT is not Oliver, it’s my partners last name Orther, so no, the company is not as narcissistically named as it might look)
My position: CEO
Company name: OMT Technologies Inc. (US), OMT Tech AS (Norway/Europe)
Website: htttp:// (ignore this, we just put it up as an excersize for our intern, we dont use it for anything)

About the job

Job title: Backend developer
Job description: Make nice elixir stuff
Salary range: Negotiable, we pay what you’re worth so make us a compelling case :slight_smile:
Position on remote work: 100% remote, although if you live in San Diego, Oslo or Benidorm we do have offices you can sit in.
Qualifications or experience required: we’re open to bringing on a junior dev if it’s someone with aptitude to learn without being spoon fed. We have a pretty solid set of best practices to lean on as well.
What the successful job applicant will be working on: Depends which continent you live on, we’ll try to keep you on the projects in the same timezone.

About the interview process
We give two choices on interview style:

In option one you will be required to solve complex algorithms on a whiteboard. The format:

  • Ten seconds of thinking after we read the question
  • Fifteen seconds to scribble some barelig legible text
  • A whole minute to panic while we hammer you with idiot questions that has no place in an interview

In option two you send me an email at and write a little about yourself. Maybe point at previous work unless you’re a green junior. Then we chitchat on irc, skype, whatever and eventually we talk on video and I get a feel for if you are a nice person and sound like you can either learn or already know what you’re about.

Further info
We’re dead serious about making really solid software, but we’re even more deadly unserious when it comes to having a light mood on slack and discussing every random topic under the sun. You fitting in personality wise is more important than the last 5-10% of code quality.


It’s very cool to see a Norwegian company adopting Elixir for real-world applications!

I’ll keep an eye on what you guys are doing :slight_smile:

What do you think about starting an Erlang/Elixir meetup group in Oslo?

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