On Scenic/Nerves, how to implement mouse pointer input/positioning display?

I currently implemented mouse position input and display. position data from Driver passes to ViewPort and to Scene to add graph of mouse pointer. The mouse graph(arrow) pass through ViewPort and Driver, then it is rendered as a position arrow.
However, this has two problems.

  1. the positioning arrow of mouse moves quite slowly
  2. ViewPort doesn’t accept positioning click such as dropdown because it clicks mouse graph instead of dropdown, I guess.

I’d like to render the arrow only inside Driver itself likely the red color in the image. Or Are there any means to render the arrow to resolve the above two issues?

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FYI, Scenic 0.11 (currently in beta) includes mouse cursor support on Nerves:

(although the cursor isn’t noted in the upgrade guide currently, but I just created a PR to add it)

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