One GenServer Per Cluster - whats the best way to set a process per node?

Hi everyone I`d like to know whats the best way to set a process per node. For example I want to have a Cache GenServer that all my nodes could read from. I know about the :global strategy but when new nodes join the cluster it will have a name conflict because each node when it starts tries to register this cache service How could I implement something like “if a new node joins, drops its cache and uses the already created in cluster and if none is created register yours as the global one”


You should be able to use global and match in the result of start_link. If it returns as already registered, you can then return the atom :ignore and the supervision tree will ignore it.


Thanks, It helped a lot. I also found this blog post that I think implements something in the way you mentioned if anyone is interested this is the link Three real-world examples of distributed Elixir (pt. 2) ·

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I’ve seen the Highlander library used in production to handle this - it’s exactly the pattern @josevalim described with :global, bundled up with some monitor plumbing to handle “node the process is on goes away”.