One-to-One: An online appointment scheduling platform built on top LiveView and MembraneRTCEngine

This is a side project that I started a couple of months ago and now I decided to launch it.
It is some kind of Calendly with a built-in Video Conference Feature (built on top of Membrane RTC Engine).

My main purpose is to build a web app that my wife can use for her online teaching.

Aside from Calendly, my other inspirations was and Calendlex by Bigardone (Ricardo García Vega)


The moment LiveView arrives, I was fascinated with how things goes instantly. The moment you browse for upcoming schedules, set up your availability, create an appointment and CRUD certain things, it is really fast! it is like I am using ReactJS because of the reactivity it shows. I also love how the error messages show instantly. Everything is now instant. I am more excited on how this app can go and more importantly how much knowledge can I learn more and how can I leverage more the power of LiveView.


Since LiveView-native is ongoing, I am planning to build a mobile app built on top of it. If it will be suitable, that would be good but if not, I think I might end up using React-Native.


Considering the years of heartache getting webrtc to work properly with react native, I have zero faith in lv-native getting those bindings right anytime soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Webrtc is finally becoming good enough to just use on mobile as well without embedded webrtc engine so I would be careful about the ROI here unless you wanna do it for the learning.

Source: Been architecting webrtc stuff for years


Why is a PWA not considered as an option?

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Nice project! Any plans to open source it?


Thank you @olivermt will consider this one.

Thank you @thojanssens1 , that is a nice suggestion too, Since I am the only one developing the app right now, it might be good also to take this to account.

I am not sure yet whether to open source it. You think it might be good to do so?

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I for myself would be interested in the WebRTC things with MembraneRTC, and as a beginner appreciate the open source code

would love to see this opensourced…

I would do my best to contribute a demo react native app…