Open graph image generation with Phoenix

Hi :wave:,

My personal website is powered by Phoenix and Elixir, and I started working on adding support for generating the blog posts’ open graph images dynamically.

I added a new task, mix phx.gen.open_graph, that I can run as part of deployment to generate the images for all the blog posts, but I’m struggling to integrate image generation into development. The solution I was tinkering with was doing something similar to Tailwind or ESBuild — having a watcher that generates the image for the blog post that has changed. I’m trying to do that with a GenServer that subscribes to file change events, but the callbacks are not getting invoked at all. I had a look at Tailwind and ESBuild’s implementation and I was a bit confused seeng that there’s an install_and_run method that’s invoked from the watchers configuration, and the module itself is also an Application that’s started along with the app. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

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