Open Source Code file from the website itself

I requested for a feature in Phoenix Storybook project for the ability to open the source code in our code editor locally!

On click of ‘Open in Code Editor Icon’ that shows up on top of each component on hover, the Code Editor opens up. This will help tremendously, because we won’t have to guess the name of the file or where the code is, for a random component while looking at a web page!!

See: Opening the Source Code in Visual Studio Code while in Dev Mode · Issue #147 · phenixdigital/phx_live_storybook · GitHub

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I was inspired by Bit Dev.

Visit the site and hover over all the components you see and click around.

The buttons that appear above will lead to the component page!!

I wish that Phoenix Storybook has the same feature by default, so whether local or deployed, you can enable the inspect mode and jump to the code or the individual component page to inspect it.