Open-Source League of Legends Game Tracking/Recording/Replaying


I’ve developed, an open-source project for League of Legends and elixir enthusiasts. It’s an alternative to spectating and replay services like OP.GG, using the Riot API and LoL Spectator API for real-time game tracking, recording, and replaying. Designed for ease of self-hosting, I’ve also created a setup guide video. The platform is built with Elixir, Phoenix, and Ash.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts!


Looks awesome! Great to see more stuff built with Ash, I poked around your code (just a few resources) and it looks great :partying_face:

EDIT: would love to hear about your experience building the application in general, both with Ash and the rest of the tools you used, good and bad. Thats a big project you’ve built and I imagine you got lots of good experience building it.


Thank you, Zach!

I’ve written a short article detailing my experience with Ash while developing the project.

Overall, it’s been a positive experience. :slight_smile:

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