Open-source LiveView app to create interactive courses

I’m open-sourcing a LiveView webapp to create interactive courses like Duolingo:

I’m new to Elixir, so code quality isn’t very good but feel free to check it out. I’m releasing it under an MIT License. So, feel free to use it at your org or school if you find it interesting. It’s pretty early-stage, so there’s a lot of things to improve. Everything on this project is going to be public, so you can check the roadmap on GitHub too.

Basically, I’m creating this project because I love Duolingo and I wanted the same kind of experience to learn other things as well.

But I think this could be useful to other people too. I’ll soon launch three products using UneeBee:

  • Wikaro: Focused on enterprise. It allow companies to have their own white-label Duolingo. I think this is going to be great for onboarding and internal training.

  • Educasso: Focused on schools. It will allow teachers to easily create interactive lessons, compliant to local school curriculum. I want to make it in a way that saves teacher’s time, so they focus more on their students rather than lesson planning.

  • Wisek: Marketplace for interactive courses where creators will be able to earn money creating those courses.

There’s a waitlist on each one of those paid/cloud products. Anyone who signs up to the waitlist will get 50% off the first year.

I’m not sure this is going to work out but, worst case scenario, I’ll have products that I can use myself because I’m a terrible learner using traditional ways. Interactive learning is super useful to me, so I hope it will be to other people too.

If you have some spare time, please give me your brutal feedback. I really want to improve this product, so no need to be nice - just let me know your thoughts. :slight_smile:


  • Phoenix with LiveView
  • Postgres (using Neon database)
  • Deploying to
  • Resend to send transactional emails
  • Cloudflare R2 for file storage

Awesome work! Thanks for making it open source!

Edit: I created a PR to add it to this repo.

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Great work! But I also, love the way the project is structured using featured-based slices. I’ve been meaning to try that for quite some time with Phoenix and this is an interesting example.


Yeah, I have a strong preference towards keeping things grouped together by functionality. It’s much easier for me to find (and delete) things. I love that Phoenix is flexible enough to allow us to customize this and use our own structure.

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Me too! Love it.

I believe it’s great when code grows.

Maybe it’s just me coming from Django, but that’s absolutely lovely.

Thanks for sharing!!!