Open Source Phoenix Projects

We had a discussion here: Are and Constable code bases considered good practice examples for building applications? - #2 by pdgonzalez872 about open source Phoenix projects. So, let’s try to keep a list of them here. I’ll keep updating this original list with new information as it comes.

Please post if you know of any open source Phoenix projects! Let’s spread best practices and hopefully everyone in the community can benefit from this!

cc: @AstonJ, let’s see how this goes :slight_smile:


Pleroma Live: (development front-end public test site)

Tribes Source: Live: (in development)


Couple more:


Here’s one of my projects that you might consider adding to your list.
Keila - GitHub: GitHub - pentacent/keila: Open Source Newsletter Tool. - Live at

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Folks, going to close this topic in favor of this awesome resource:
GitHub - szTheory/real-world-phoenix: Real World Phoenix apps and their open source codebases for developers to learn from. Here is a PR adding all of the projects above to it: Add a few apps by pdgonzalez872 · Pull Request #1 · szTheory/real-world-phoenix · GitHub

Thanks for the discussion!