Open source software localization tools

Today I’ve got translated languages files for the project. Unfortunately, they used a version of the original file that was 1,5 months old and now I have to deal with conflicts for new and changed text.

To avoid this in the future, I search for tools we can self-host to manage the translations. But it seems like there is not much out there. Sure, there are web services one can use but I don’t see why I should put all of our content in someone’s database and even pay for it.

I found " Pontoon" by Mozilla which looks really great. It’s open-source and one can self-host it. But, it doesn’t support YAML so it’s not an option for us.

Does someone know of any available tools? We have both YAML and JSON files (different projects) that need to be translated.

Maybe it’s time to make one using Phoenix.

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Or use/improve existing ones:


Unfortunately, no support for normal YAML files. Otherwise, it looks good.

I’d be interested gradually chipping away at such a project, if somebody makes a good roadmap and a bullet list of expected features. I’ve been needing this on and off during the years and I believe it’s indeed high time for this to be nailed.


I found Weblate, which is free if self-hosted. I am playing around with it locally right now. It has a lot of stuff, probably too much for most people. It wants to interact with the git repository on its own, not sure if I like that.