Open sourced my first Elixir/Phoenix application - A digital goods shop + blog

Hey guys,

I am not sure if this is the right place to post this and I am sorry if this comes across as blatant self promotion. I have just open sourced my first Elixir/Phoenix application and wanted to share it -

This is the source code for my new website - Authentic Pixels.

This project has been a great learning experience for me. Coming from Ruby on Rails, there are a lot of things that are done differently in Elixir/Phoenix and building this app has helped me understand the “Elixir way” of doing things.

As a quick summary, here are some of the things that I found interesting while building it. These are the things that I feel you guys might interested in taking a look at -

  1. Dynamically adding and removing nested records (e.g: Product has many variants)
  2. Handling many-to-many associations and validating them (e.g: Product has many Categories and Categories have many products)
  3. Uploading images to Cloudinary
  4. Using Webpack instead of Brunch
  5. Creating Sitemaps and running a cron task to regularly run the sitemap generation task
  6. Sending HTML emails (using Bamboo & Sendgrid)
  7. Separating admin area from frontend using different layouts and scopes in router.ex

I have added the demo link & some screenshots in the README file. I also plan to write a more detailed blog post about my experience with Phoenix shortly.

Do share your thoughts and critiques.


Well, your Website is nice, but I found an issue, the back-button does not work.

Thanks for pointing this out. Can you tell me your browser/os. I think it might be due to the Turbolinks package that I am using.

Nevermind, just checked it again, now its working pretty normal :wink: