OpenAI said you can use ChatGPT without an account. Can you?

Taken from here: Start using ChatGPT instantly

I still can’t, I only have “Log in” and “Sign up” buttons. But then again they also said they’re rolling this feature gradually.

Personally I don’t like my personal info being closely linked to my searches and queries so I’ve not used ChatGPT from its official website.

So, can you guys and girls use it without an account?

Yes, looks like it’s possible. There is a Try ChatGPT button.

Taking in consideration that your browser is most probably fingerprinted by now in their system, I doubt it makes any difference. The only shady thing was that you had to use your phone number to register.

Already tried that, it only presented me with “Log in” and “Sign up” buttons, no prompt box.

I have a number of Firefox addons that make this very hard for them. If they can identify me, OK, but I want them to work hard for it. :slight_smile: I am not going to just admit “here is my email, this is me”.

I have the prompt, the “Log in” and “Sign up” buttons are on the left bottom side. Maybe they are rolling updates one region at a time.

I don’t have the prompt, only the buttons and some flying marketing text. That’s why I made the thread.

Interesting, so it’s already rolled out here and there, it seems. Thanks.