OpenId Connect client library for Erlang (oidcc) needs new project maintainers - can you help?

The Erlang library oidcc sadly can no longer be maintained properly since the company no longer employs erlang developers.

Details: Project Maintenance Status · Issue #208 · indigo-dc/oidcc · GitHub

Since I’m a regular user of the library I would offer to take over the maintenance of the project on GitHub via JOSHMARTIN · GitHub.

I’m however not a great Erlang developer and more into Elixir itself. If there are a few people that would like to help, I’d rather create a separate organisation and share the responisbilities.

Are there any people interested in co-maintaining the lib?



Hi, I’ve used oidcc in the past, and I’m willing to help, but cannot commit to a sustained development.

Also, the appeal of the library is partly that it’s certified. And I’m unsure how certification could be obtained without some industrial backing.

Thanks for your message :slight_smile:

Good to see that some people care about it.

I’ve read up a bit on the certification and basically the certified stamp can be kept for the current codebase.

If we want new certification profiles / renew them, then we’d have to pay 100$ for a non profit membership and 500$ for the certification itself.

Therefore it would probably make sense to move the repository to an Independent GItHub organisation that provides sponsoring to pay for those certificates. (For which I could probably provide some funds.)

I hand rolled my own client to use against Auth0 after trying to use the various ones out there.

Maybe it could be released as a lib?

It was borderline trivial to do following Draft: OpenID Connect Basic Client Implementer's Guide 1.0 - draft 40

The only thing that should be figured out is how to generalize the config a bit more. Could probably be done with some behavior + config namespace.

But then again, it took me maybe two hours to get OIDC against auth0 rolling while knowing very little about the web flow and what to do :sweat_smile:

I can share the code when not on my phone if that is interesting.

@olivermt For sure releasing your code could benefit someone else. Please do that. :slight_smile:

For the scope of oidcc the question is more to maintain / extend the existing codebase and make sure it is and stays compliant to the specs (so that we can continue to show that it is certified).