Opensource tool for meetings (video/screensharing)

HI all,

i am looking for an opensource tool that i will need meetings for a opensource project.

I wanted to know if you have any experience/suggestions.

The requirement would be:
screen sharing/terminal/window etc
not much latency for video
opensource ( and open for newcomers, optimal would like give link to conf)
scale with more then 20 Users connected

At moment i found : ( but i had pb with more then 7 Users)

It might be an idea for an elixir project too :smile: in longterm. I’m looking atm in shorterm :smile:

what is your take and experience?
:giraffe: :sunflower: :sake:

Maybe you can use webrtc in the browser (7 users with ok internet connection should be fine)? If you don’t want p2p webrtc, then there is


thx for feedback