Optimizations in the upcoming Erlang/OTP 26

EFS Thread: New blog post about the optimizations in the upcoming Erlang/OTP 26 - Erlang Blog - Erlang Programming Language Forum - Erlang Forums


Moved to a dedicated thread as this is well worth a read :smiley:

Also quoting @rvirding from EFS:

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The base64 improvements look impressive; one bummer is I don’t see an equivalent to omitting Base.decode64’s ignore: :whitespace option - :base64.decode/2’s docs mention it always strips whitespace.

OTOH it looks like the implementation in Base has been recently refactored with a link to the the blog post that the one at the top of this thread updates for OTP 26, so those improvements to binary matching + construction should apply automatically :tada:


I’m going to have to try it against protobuf.

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