Other languages like Elixir

Apart from Erlang which other languages are most like Elixir?

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You’ve got other Erlang VM languages, although it’s hard to know what you mean by “other languages like Elixir”.

Erl2 (new dialect of Erlang by J. Armstrong
List Flavoured Erlang


Excellent list @sashaafm I hadn’t heard of any of them apart from LFE and Reia.

Reia is no longer being developed and they recommend Elixir instead :003:

FYI: Reia is defunct. No additional work on it is planned. If you are interested in the ideas behind Reia, I strongly suggest you check out the Elixir language, which is now in a more mature stage of development than Reia.

With regards to others, if you’re going for looks you can’t ignore Ruby and if you like Ruby you might want to check out ErRuby:

ErRuby is an implementation of the Ruby language using Erlang.
It aims to bring some concurrency features to ruby by experimenting.
It’s still a work in progress. So use it at your own risk.

But why not just use Elixir? It is the most stable and brings with it its own features and benefits.


ML for sure!


I think Clojure is similar in that it is a dynamic, general-purpose functional programming language. The syntax is quite different of course, but they both seem to want to bring functional programming concepts and concurrency to the mainstream through an easy-to-understand interface.


Yes I agree +1 for Clojure. Elixir borrowed some futures from Clojure like protocols.
Elixir runs on Erlang VM, Clojure runs on Java VM. So you have access to all java libraries.
There is also ClojureScript which compiles to Javascript.
So if anybody want to play with some Lisp langauge I recommend Clojure for try.
This is quite good book for start Living Clojure or this Clojure for the Brave and True




So it’s like Crystal but for Elixir? Nice!

Would love to learn more about how it differs to Crystal (apart from being more Elixir).

I think it is a little bit pitty, that it needs to have special syntax for types instead of using information from @spec & Co.