OTP-25 on M1 Max MacBook Pro - Wow

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Prompted by some comments in the Elixir slack I installed OTP 25.0-rc1 on my M1 Max MacBook Pro with ASDF. OTP 25 includes JIT support for ARM.

I recompiled some of my larger projects and ran their tests - amazing performance difference to the non-JIT-for-ARM OTP 24. No scientific testing data, but its definitely a material difference in performance. Amazing work by the OTP team. Looking forward to the official release!


That’s great to hear Kip :023:

Be nice to post this feedback on the EFS thread too so all the Erlang/OTP team get to hear it :003:


Seconding this. I just upgraded to OTP25 through ASDF and mix dialyzer feels twice as fast on a 50,000 line Elixir codebase. Again, haven’t measured it so maybe it’s only 30%. I’m on a 10-core, 16GB MacBook Pro (not Max). I’m guessing the MacBook M1 Air is now a solid choice for Elixir development.