OTP 26 Android / iOS Binaries

Hello, @dominicletz ! I’m glad to see you merged my upgrades for elixir-desktop! I’m really pleased by the experience and hope to package mobile apps soon also.

I’m a couple days in managing a recompilation of GitHub - elixir-desktop/runtimes: Erlang / Elixir runtimes for Android and iOS for OTP 26. I had no luck running the mix package.android.runtime (or .ios) commands, relying on the docker cross-compilation images. I ran the commands on Nix OS and Ubuntu and both had similar issues.

I am also checking in on the OTP compilation guides:

I’ll likely need to run them on Ubuntu, as NixOS produces errors regarding linked libraries.

Can you remark on the compilation process for OTP on mobile? This seems like a core piece of the packaging that needs more public comprehension. I hope coders in our position can someday rely on a build pipeline, to ensure rolling upgrades for any OTP (or Android or iOS) changes, for years to come.

Hey @c4lliope ,

great that you had a chance to play with this. Yes indeed I would like to update those to a more recent version of OTP as well. But didn’t have the time yet. It’s unfortunate to hear that the builds did break in the meantime. That said I don’t think the issues can be too deep. I’ve upstreamed a github CI job for OTP to build on iOS on every commit and it seems that is still showing green:

Link to the most recent commit and it’s iOS build job on erlang/OTP

That said I’ll probably have some time next week to update the runtimes repo. If not feel free to give me another ping. :slight_smile: