OTP Cheatsheet

Ran across this recently, it’s a set of cheatsheet inforgraphic things of the OTP behaviours on the BEAM:


Thanks! Starred it.

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Is it just me or are these images weirdly scaled? Almost unreadable. They seem DPI-dependent.

Hmm, they appear to be pretty plain standard SVG’s, they scale just fine here and the viewport ratio seems correct, what are you seeing? Plus being that they are SVG’s you can rescale it losslessly all you want anyway?

Misaligned text, unreadably small, etc… Pretty much everything about them is broken for me. Zooming does nothing for actual readability and it doesn’t scale the borders of anything, so it’s only expanding the text further out from the boxes themselves. I’m running a comparatively old version of FF, though (for Vimperator).

Chrome renders them just fine. I suppose FF Quantum would as well. Unfortunately I’m not switching completely until there’s a usable and configurable vim extension for it (+ tab groups).

It sounds like whatever you are using is not capable of SVG properly, use a real SVG viewer. :wink:

But yeah they look perfect for me. I can render them to a PNG at a certain size if you want?

Nah, I could just access them via Chrome if need be. Just seemed odd to me that FF would fail this badly with such a basic thing.

Ah you edited:

Yep, whatever you were using to view the SVG was borked. It looks like pretty simple SVG so I’m surprised that even an older firefox has issues. Just do what I did and download them locally and view them with whatever program you want. :slight_smile:

starred! thanks for sharing

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