Ownership of Linguist library

@chrismccord’s Linguist library (https://github.com/chrismccord/linguist) offers I18n functionality similar to Rails. The project looks abandoned since 2015 in favor of using the Gettext approach.

There is a user @mertonium (John Mertens from Change.org) who has offered to take over the lib and raised a PR: https://github.com/chrismccord/linguist/pull/22. @chrismccord please consider taking @mertonium up on this offer, it would be a big help to those of us already invested in the Rails I18n approach.

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Hi Johnny, I was going to say the best place to make (or support) these kinds of requests is privately or via a GH issue, but it looks like that has already been done by John :slight_smile: why not add your support there? Posting on multiple places risks coming across as badgering unfortunately. Chris is busy, maybe he just didn’t get time to review the request? A gentle nudge on that issue might go down better than starting a thread on the forum…


Since linguist is not a drop in replacement for Rails’ I18n, ie you can’t bring over your yml files and have it just work, not mention your templates also need rewritten, the investment argument is weak when considering a localization tool for Elixir. I implore you to consider better alternatives, such as gettext. I’ve been down this path before, and you can see where I settled :slight_smile:


Hi gang!

I would suggest that if you wish to take up ownership and maintenance of a library then the best way to do that is by forking the codebase and publishing it under a new name.

This makes it clear to the users that there has been a change of ownership, something that security conscious users definitely want to be aware of. There have been several recent incidents (thankfully not on hex.pm) where a trusted library was handed over to a new unknown maintainer who then released a new malicious version with malware embedded within.

I’m not suggesting that you or Mertonium are going to spread malware, just that it helps users if forks to not inherit the hex.pm package name of the original project.


@chrismccord @lpil the PR I’ve linked to from @mertonium adds support for YAML, pluralization, and basically the same stuff Rails has. Given that Linguist repo has stars and SEO rank–the people who find it (like me) are looking for an alternative to Gettext–the right thing to do is to allow a new owner to take over the project.

As for the malware argument–not saying it doesn’t happen–but the new maintainer here has a public profile and a job at a reputable company, and his PR demonstrates a legitimate stake in the success of the project. @mertonium’s proposal is to have Change.org be the owner; the repo would be https://github.com/change/linguist.

I haven’t followed the GH activity there for some years now. The best option should you want to continue with linguist is to fork it in accordance to the MIT license and support/release the fork on an ongoing basis. I don’t consider it a good choice so I personally don’t want it to continue under the current name/star reputation/SEO especially since it sounds like the YML features and such deviate significantly from where I left it. You’re free to release the fork under a new name as long as you respect the license :slight_smile:


OK, appreciate your reply here. Thanks!


Cool, I’ll keep our fork going and probably rename it at some point.


Hello all :wave:

I just wanted to update this thread to let folk know that (with Chris’s blessing) the Elixir group at my company (Change.org) has taken over the linguist library.

I’d encourage anyone using it to check out the CHANGELOG to get acquainted with the updates & bug fixes we’ve made.


Excellent, thanks for the update. We’re using it quite a bit at TableCheck.

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