Page not found being returned for all Hound tests

I am trying to implement Hound and none of my test seem to work correctly even though my configurations match the Hound docs.

def application do
[extra_applications: [:logger, :hound ] ]

defp deps do
[{:hound, “~> 1.0”},]

config :hound, driver: “phantomjs”

config :collaborate, CollaborateWeb.Endpoint,
http: [port: 4001],
server: true

test “test homepage” do
assert page_title() == “Title”

Test Result:
Assertion with == failed
code: assert page_title() == “Title”
left: “Page not found”
right: “Title”

Every path I try is directed to my “page not found” error page.

The tests do run successfully when I use the full path navigate_to(“http://localhost:4000/”). This however causes problems when testing paths that read and write to the database because all tests directed to port 4000 use the _dev and not _test database.