Page_title not updated on root.html.heex when using live_sessions

I have two live routes grouped together inside live_sessions.

live_session :require_authenticated_user,
      on_mount: [{DemoWeb.UserAuth, :ensure_authenticated}] do
live "/", DashboardLive.Index, :index
live "/settings", SettingsLive.Index, :index

on root.html.heex, I am printing assigns[:page_title] inside the body tag BUT when I move between those pages, it isnt updating. I can see that the live_title is updated, however.

From the docs, I know that the root layout wont be updated, so what can i do in my case?

What are you trying to accomplish?

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Can’t You use live.html.heex instead?

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sorry. i just made it difficult for me. yea that’s what i did now. easy peasy.

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