Pairing on software Katas

Hi alchemists,

I’m looking for pairing partners interested in deepening their fundamental software development skills: SOLID understanding, TDD, Simple Design, Mocks/Stubs, Clean Code/Architecture, working with legacy code, etc. to practice katas together.

Lately, I couldn’t find enough time for deliberate practice and hope that having a partner will help move the needle :slight_smile:

Because software development is a social activity and is more fun when done together. Especially for people who work remotely.

I’m thinking about an hour - hour and a half sessions once in a few weeks.

Btw, a very dear person for me is developing a platform that will help to find a pairing partner. Please check it out and give him feedback if you like it! :slight_smile:


Just to refresh the topic - it’s all about deliberate practice which is a key to a mastery

Few interesting kata sources:

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Another great Kata resource

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Hey @lessless, are you still on the lookout for people with whom you can pair?
I’m interested, especially in the link you mentioned:

I have a bit less than a year worth of experience and I’m looking for a better understanding of OTP/concurrency/parralelism with Erlang/Elixir.

Hey @ryanzidago,

Absolutely! Though I have time only for a 2hrs session once in a week or two.

Right now we are working on Elixirized version of Mars Rover kata, with an approach similar to outlined in

Afterwards I’d happy to pair on anything from