Parent-child LV bugs I don't have a minimal app to demo yet

So, before I allocate the time required to build a demo app reproducing these two, is there someone else who encountered the two bugs (and may have a demo for them)?

Both bugs regard having a parent and a child live view where the child is initialized with some of the assigns from the parent as in:

      id: "child-view", 
      session: %{ "some_state" => @some_state, "some_other_state" => @some_other_state}

Bug #1:
Initially, the parent live view does not have any streams to render nor any live components that render streams. The child live view has a live component with a stream. At some point the parent LiveView renders a modal live component and everything is still working. Then, in one of the modal steps, the parent live view’s modal live component renders its first stream. Sometimes, the bug manifests already here in terms of the child live view’s live component stream completely resetting (to 0 elements), but most of the time it passes this stage. Then, in a next step the parent’s live component opens another stream and here the child live view’s live component stream resets for sure.

I double checked everything and the streams are not even called the same (although it should not matter as those are all completely separately managed states) and the ids are all unique.

This exact same setup works well when all the live components with their streams are part of a single live view instance, i.e. if there are no parent and child liveview.

Bug #2:
When there’s a RuntimeException in the mount/3 of the child live view, more often than not, it does not get logged at all.