Parsing RSS feeds with feeder_ex

I am very new to Elixir and I amtrying to parse RSS feeds with .After typing iex -S mix I am getting an error…
(Mix) Could not compile dependency :feeder,make command failed.

Any ideas how to solve this pls.


Try to put {:feeder, "~> 2.0.1"} in to your dependencies in addition to feeder_ex as it looks like mix support was added in 2.0.1.

Thanks for your reply overmindDL1…I added {:feeder, “~> 2.0”},
to the mix.exs but still getting the same reply…

Although 2.0 should get 2.0.1, are you sure it is?

If it still does not work then I’d say try making an app with ‘just’ :feeder, if that still fails then time to file a bug report with :feeder. :slight_smile:

Just before the actual error mentioned above I am getting

“make” is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file

I bet I know the reason!

Are you on Windows? That library as it is built now will not work on Windows (submit a bug report).

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Yes I am on Windows 10…maybe that’s the reason…thanks anyway

I dev on Win10 at work, I know all too well how crappy compiling is on Windows. ^.^

But yeah, definitely submit a bug report to them. :slight_smile: